C4FM Talk Radio
Amateur Ham Radio community exploring Yaesu's C4FM, Fusion, YSF and Wires-X. Digital and Analog communications modes with both voice and data packets. Show Schedules are found at http://www.m7wdx.com/talk_show.htm Show Dates are found at http://www.c4fm.news ACCESS NOTE: If your using a Hotspot use ysf # 86134 to quickly get in. Join us two ways - C4FM Talk Radio: NET Shows TBA: Sunday's 7-8pm GMT / 1-2pm CST Wires-X Room: M7WDX-Room # 86134 & ysf # 86134 Talk Radio Fusion ID: M7WDX-ND Peterborough Cambridgeshire UK Coffee Club #ragchew: Our open room is held on Sunday's [before the Talk Show] from 4pm - 6:55pm GMT / 10am - 12:55pm CST. Please clear FIVE Minutes before the Talk Show starts. Visit our Twitter NEWS feed, Facebook Club NEWS or Website NEWS feeds. Join our growing Facebook group to dive down the rabbit hole, use our member experts for help and guidance while you expand your knowledge and skills in this exciting branch of ham radio. Use the Icons below. 73 M7WDX http://www.M7WDX.com